Andy Cotton

Lead/Rythmn guitars and keyboards

Andy has been playing and recording in bands since 1987,
together with Nige Conner and the rest of Hollowpoint are responsible for writing our original song's, both Nige and Andy have grown into a formidable writing team ,with of course great input from the rest of the boy's in Hollowpoint.
Andy plays mainly Les Pauls, and Fender Strat's, using ernie ball and d'arrio strings, Peavey Amp's, Marshall and Boss Kantana.
Boss effects.

Some of his former bands include 
Renegade, Shanghai,Strayfe,Junkyard Dogs and Snakebite

Nige Conner

Lead Vocals

Our very own vocal powerhouse, with Nige's outstanding Lyrics writing ability and together with the rest of the band has given Hollowpoint an awesome collection of outstanding Rock tunes.

Alan Buckley

Lead /Rythmn Guitar's

Al, the newest member of Hollowpoint
was a great find, a six string wizard of a guitar player with a unique sound .
Al play's using  Peavey Amp's and d'arrio String's , and various effect's pedals, giving him the thunderous sound he has.
A great find and we are really looking forward to working on some of the great riffs Al has on our forthcoming Album.

Tim TJ Hopkin's

5 string Wizard
Bass Guitar and Backing Vocal's
Part of Hollowpoint's Powerhouse at the back
responsible for writing all Hollowpoint's catchy bass lines, and with
many years experience playing and recording ,
Former bands including , Gearjammer etc
Tj uses Trace Amplification

Gaz Fozzy Forster

Drums , Percussion and Backing Vocals
Hollowpoint's powerhouse
with many years experience recording and Live playing
responsible for all of Hollowpoint's catchy drum beats
former bands include , Neverate , Renegade ,Snakebite, Social Deformity, Project Morf and Malpractice
Foz uses Tama drums 
Paiste Cymbal's


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