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Hard Rock with an A.O.R twist that'll have you moving from the moment you hear the first few riffs, excellent ear candy, great tune's !!
Killer Metal Track
It's been a while since I've done review and a lot of you have been asking for one, so today's lucky recipient is Hollowpoint's "Stand Up". Hollowpoint are purveyors of 80's themed Metal, comparisons can be made to Loudness, Dokken, Priest and Maiden but only stylistically, the band have their own sound...and they deliver the goods in spades on Stand Up. The first thing I notice when listening to this type of music is that the vocalist usually is the weakest link in the band, not so with Hollowpoint. The vocalist here delivers a powerful and rocking performance, he combines the perfect amount of grit and attitude to keep the track driving and enjoyable. In my opinion his performance is pretty near flawless, there are no awkward moments where you're thinking "he didn't quite hit that note" or "that phrase was a little off"...I think that is why I liked it so much. After hearing dozens of tracks in this vein I finally got to hear a killer band do it justice and have me banging my head like I was 16 again. Some of you might be thinking "what good is a vocalist without the band behind him", and you'd be right. The band is also awesome, the riffs are tight and well thought out. They have certain amount of catchyness to them that really moves the song forward. I think my favorite part was the Maiden-esque style of the solo, really great doesn't try to go from some meaningless face melting shred, just plays a deliciously engaging melody that is instantly memorable. As for as the production of the material goes, the recording is awesome as well. All the instruments are well balanced in the mix and sound punchy and in your face. What can I say that I haven't already said, great song by a great band that sounds great, Hollowpoint I salute you, the Metal flows through your veins...
Christopher Carrion
Keep rocking!
Wow, that's a great song! Loved the lyrics. I felt I was listening to a big band like Iron Maiden and this song has some of it but it shows how you know what you are doing. Great tune too! Nice chorus. Keep the good work, guys.
Reviewed by Bogotah
Well Bring it.
You gotta fight. This song rocks with just the right touch for such a cryptic message. It's British at its best with great changes and words easy to understand. Great harmonizing guitars.
Reviewed by Joe Miranda & The Kings Of Texas

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